Why did we build Blogloom?

I had some interesting dataset about e-commerce companies and wanted to publish blog for each of them. But, it was painful to convert them into blog posts.

So, I evaluated some of the existing services that I can use:

  • First, I looked at usual blogging services like Blogger and Medium. I had data for 2000 e-commerce companies, which meant that I had to manually create 2000 blog posts. That wasn't going to work.
  • Next, I looked at headless CMS like Contentful and Prismic. The idea was to generate blog posts from the data I had in Google Sheets. But, the headless CMS I evaluated focussed on presenting the content in various forms, instead of accepting content from various sources like Google Sheets.
  • Then, I looked at importing the data from Google Sheets into a database and using a template engine to generate content from the database. Unfortunately, it meant that everytime I modify the data in the spreadsheet, I had to insert/update the database. Finally, I decided to write that code to update the database myself. Suddenly, a marketer I knew of, came up with a similar requirement. So, I decided to write the code generic enough for her to use it. Next thing I knew, I was converting that little project into an add-on for everyone to use. That's the story of Blogloom.

The idea of Blogloom is simple. The content I write should be small enough as a tweet, but I should be able to embed data, image, tweet and own the content for SEO. Did you face similar requirements? Leave your comments below or try our add-on and tell us what you think!