Twitter is for founders with imposter syndrome

Startup founders are the busiest people on earth. We have a product to build, users to talk to and raise money to keep our company afloat. Yet, we are the only people in the company to tell our users - why they need to use our product. Often, we don't get time to blog about our product. Instead, we resort to micro blogging on twitter and hope some users will notice our tweet and sign up for our product. We all know how that turns out. At best, Twitter reduces our guilt of not communicating to our users. At worst, we have imposter syndrome trying to be Elon musk (or your favorite celebrity) on Twitter.

What if we spend the same amount of time writing a tweet to write a blog, but convert them into a funnel that gets our users to use our product. Pretty standard stuff, but I am trying to weave this content into my website without all the "inbound marketing platform" mumbo jumbo. So, here is what I am attempting to do:

  • Create this Google form, to collect my tweet-like ideas.
  • This updates my Google Sheets here
  • Then, I can review the Google Sheet when I have time and publish them using this add on I wrote. If you are reading this blog, then it is already working. I have created both this website and blog using Blogloom and very excited about it! If you want to try it out, install this add-on and tell me how it goes for you.